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Vaxaid Deluxe ED Pump

Erectile Dysfunction

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What is the VaxAid Deluxe ED pump?

VaxAid is the only vacuum system to tackle ED using both the power of water for penile vascular exercise in the shower or bath and also in air for generating and maintaining an erection prior to sexual activity.

Made from high impact polycarbonate with a super Elastomer skin safe bellows pump, VaxAid when used in water is amongst the most powerful vacuum devices available yet operates within medical regulations. The product also undergoes extensive testing and is tough enough to withstand accidental dropping in the shower or bath.

How does it work?

So what are the benefits of the VaxAid hydropump

The VaxAid is designed to generate an erection either using water in the shower or bathtub to regularly exercise the penile vascular system or in air for sexual spontaneity. It has a dual pumping system to give the user greater flexibility and means of operation.

When used in water for penile exercise:

  1. The gaiter bellows pump sits on the pelvic seat, not the penis shaft, so the whole length is unrestricted, allowing for full and even blood flow.
  2. It can be applied in seconds, and as it can be used in the shower or bathtub as part of the daily wash routine, it is very convenient and takes up little time.
  3. In water, VaxAid will attain the maximum negative pressure recommended by the FDA and MHRA when using the bellows pump only. This makes it one of the most powerful systems available and also amongst the safest. The maximum negative pressure can never be exceeded due to the limiting factor of the elastic recoil strength of the pump.
  4. Of real importance, the cycling action of the pump allows the penis to be erected gradually in stages. Also, between each stage the pressure inside the tube reverts to atmospheric and this allows a short period of full blood flow in and out of the penis. This is a more natural erection process and helps prevent bulging at the base of the penis as is found with many traditional air pumps.
  5. A unique flow control valve also allows for gradual release of negative pressure, so the penis can be erected and deflated several times over a short period.
  6. Water has both a cushioning and lubricating effect, so lubricants are not needed when used in water.
  7. The Erection Rings can also be used in water with the VaxAid to maintain an erection should the user prefer.
  8. The auxiliary hand ball pump can also be used in water should the user prefer.
  9. Of significant importance, when used in water for penile exercise the water creates a hard vacuum, so ensuring the penis erects gradually and uniformly along the full length and without the bulging and bending associated with many vacuum devices.
Authored 02 April 2020 by Dr Clare Morrison, Reviewed 02 April 2020 by Liyya Patel, Siobhan Titre Last updated 02 April 2020

VaxAid ED Pump Kit FAQ

When I place the hydropump under the shower head water runs out of the bottom and it will not fill?

On the end of the valve cap there is a black pip, this pip is pushed upwards and held in place when filling with water, this will also stop any water from coming out. Slide the flaccid penis into the pump when filled with water and release the black pip by taking your finger away prior to pumping.

I am having difficulty in releasing the pressure?

To release the pressure you must first turn the valve cap anti-clockwise as far as it will go to unlock it. You can then press the cap down to release the pressure. As a backup, forcing a finger under the bellows pump where it meets your body will release the pressure, but this should be used in emergency only as constant use this way may damage the comfort pad.

I am starting to see some speckling and bruising, is this normal?

This is often the case when you first start using the VaxAid as blood is being forced into the erectile chambers and blood vessels and they disappear after a few days. To avoid this:

  • Do not over pump and pump slowly and evenly to allow your erection to grow gradually.
  • Start with one erection to begin with and once full erection is reached release the pressure. Only start doing repeated exercises after several uses so that your blood vessels can become accustomed to it.
  • If the problem persists, stop using the VaxAid for a few days and then start again. If you are in any doubt consult your doctor.

Do I need to use lube when using VaxAid in water?

No (unless you are also using a VaxAid erection ring in which case go to the next questions. Water acts as a natural lubricant and cushions the penis making for a more even erection and this is why using water instead of air to exercise the penis is considered far superior.

Can I use a VaxAid erection ring with the VaxAid in water?

Yes and many men do, there is no need to use any lubrication as water is self lubing, and self sealing, the erection ring is designed to go onto a flaccid penis and the hydropump erects you through it.

Can I use the auxiliary hand ball pump with VaxAid in water?

The bellows pump alone supplies maximum negative pressure in water but if you find it easier with the hand ball pump then the answer is yes, and you can use the hand ball pump with or without the hose connector.

How long do I leave the hydropump on when I am fully erect?

The idea is to exercise the penis and this is best done by fully erecting and then releasing the pressure two or three times over a 10-15 minute period. If you choose to leave the hydropump on when fully erect, do not exceed 15 minutes in any 24 hour period, to assist you in the shower a shower strap accessory is available from the website.

What is the purpose of the swivel bellows?

The gauge on the vacuum tube is designed for you to monitor your erection. Some men prefer not to see this when using the Vaxaid, so you can find the best comfort position and then swivel the bellows pump so that the gauge is visible above or out of sight below.

What is the purpose of the comfort insert?

The comfort insert provides extra comfort on the pelvic region when pumping and also to prevent the user's penis getting in the bellows when pumping. In either case, the use of the comfort insert isn’t mandatory and is down to each individual's level of comfort/personal preference.

I have some impairment of use in my hands, can I still use the VaxAid?

Provided you have the strength to turn and depress the cap valve to release the pressure then yes. If not you may need help when using it. Also:

  • The VaxAid is designed to withstand shocks and undergoes extensive drop tests from one metre high onto a ceramic tile. So if you accidentally drop the VaxAid in the bathroom it should incur no damage.
  • The VaxAid also has roughened surfaces on the outside to improve the grip when pumping.

How often can I use the VaxAid and is it safe?

You can use the VaxAid daily as part of your washing routine, although two or three sessions per week should suffice. As for it being safe, leading urologists say it is not only safe they recommend regular use and over extended periods.

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