How MedExpress Works

Receive your medication in 3 easy steps


Select your treatment

Select the treatment or medication you require. If you need any help choosing your preferred medication please contact our experienced pharmacists for advice on 0208 123 0508 or use our online chat. One you have selected your preferred treatment, click the orange button to start a free online medical questionnaire which will help us determine if this medicine is suitable for you.


Complete an online questionnaire

Complete a free online medical questionnaire to find the right treatment for you. This is a short series of questions that you can think of as similar to the questions your GP would ask you in a face-to-face consultation. Just as you would know by the end of a consultation with your GP, you will know by the end of the medical assessment form if the treatment is suitable for you.
If you are eligible for treatment you will be able to proceed to checkout. All the information you provide is confidential. The answers to your questionnaire are reviewed by one of our UK registered prescribers who will issue you a private prescription.


Express delivery

Your medication is dispensed from our Central London, GPHC registered pharmacy, with an option for same day delivery if you live or work within central London. If you live outside London, then your medication can be delivered for the next day via Special Delivery before 9am or 1pm. Your medication is packed in discreet plain packaging with no reference to the contents on the outside.