Curanail Loceryl (Amorolfine) Nail Lacquer

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What is Curanail Loceryl Nail Lacquer?

Curanail (also known as Loceryl) is used for the treatment of fungal infections in finger and toe nails. Curanail contains the active ingredient Amorolfine which is a powerful anti-fungal.

How does Curanail work?

Curanail contains an antimycotic. This kills fungal cells by helping to destroy the structure of the cell.

How do I use Curanail?

Curanail is for topical use only. Avoid contact with the eyes, ears and mucous membranes. Using a nail file supplied in the box, file down the surface of affected nail(s). Do not allow anybody else to use this file and only use it on the affected nail(s). After filing the surface of the nail, use a swab provided to clean the surface of the nail. If this is a repeat application of Curanail, you may need to repeat this step to ensure all traces of the lacquer are removed.

Using a reusable spatula provided in the box, apply the lacquer to the entire surface of the affected nail(s). Do not tap the spatula against the bottle to remove excess lacquer. Allow the nail to dry thoroughly after use. The spatula should be cleaned with the swab so that it can be reused.

You should use Curanail once weekly or as directed by your doctor. You should continue to use Curanail until the nail(s) and affected area are healed. This can take up to six months for finger nails and up to nine months for toe nails, depending on the severity of the infection. Treatment should be reviewed at three monthly intervals to ensure that there is an improvement in symptoms. If there is no improvement, you should contact your GP.

You should not use nail polish or artificial nails while using this product and you should wear protective gloves if handling organic solvents or the lacquer will be removed.

How do I buy Curanail?

Curanail is a Prescription Only Medicine (POM) and cannot be bought over the counter. If you are interested in this medicine, why not fill out our consultation questionnaire? This will be reviewed by one of our expert doctors who will advise if this medicine is suitable and safe for you.

Is there anybody who cannot use Curanail?

This medicine is not suitable for people who have an allergy to any of the ingredients.

Curanail is not suitable for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Curanail should not be used in children.

What is a fungal nail infection?

Many people experience fungal nail infections in the fingers or toes. It is not usually serious but can be unsightly and unpleasant. Symptoms of fungal nail infections include brittle nails that easily break, discolouration of part or all of the nail which can be green, yellow or white or thickening of the nails.

You can help prevent getting fungal nail infections by keeping your feet clean and dry, wearing shoes and socks that are not too tight and not allowing your feet to get sweaty or too hot. Fungal infections can be contagious so don’t share towels or socks with other people and wear flip flops when in gyms or communal showers.

Some people who have certain medical conditions such as diabetes, peripheral arterial disease or psoriasis are more prone to getting fungal nail infections and if you have one of these conditions, you should seek advice from your GP or specialist before getting treatment.

It is very common for people to have a fungal infection on the skin surrounding the affected nails.

Take special care to monitor this skin and if signs of fungal infection develops on the skin such as itchiness, peeling of skin, or burning develop, you will need to apply a topical antifungal cream such as clotrimazole.

What the side effects of Loceryl?

All medications have the potential to cause side effects. These side effects can change from person to person however it is unlikely that you will experience side effects using this medicine. There have been some reports of nail discolouration and brittleness from using this product but this may be caused by the fungal infection. If you do experience any side effects while using this medicine, please contact both MedExpress and your GP.

Patient Information Leaflet

Always read the patient information leaflet before commencing treatment. Patient information can be found here.

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