COVID-19 Coronavirus Testing

COVID-19 is a global pandemic illness caused by ‘Coronavirus’ (SARS-CoV2). The main symptoms are fever and a persistent cough. We offer a range of tests to detect whether you current have or have previously had COVID-19.

If you feel you need medical advice or attention, visit the NHS Coronavirus page for guidance.

Choosing the correct test

PCR Test COVID-19 COVID-19 Antibody Test
What does it do? Detect current COVID-19 infection by detecting COVID-19 viral genetic material Detect past infection / exposure by detecting antibodies to COVID-19 made by your body
When should you do the test? While having symptoms Within 3-5 days of possible exposure At least 14-21 days from symptoms / exposure
What does it look for? Current COVID-19 virus infection Previous COVID-19 infection
What illness phase does it detect? The start and during illness After the illness usually following recovery / 2 weeks
What does a positive test mean? You currently have active COVID-19 infection You have previously had COVID-19 infection
How quickly will I get the results? 2-3 days 2-3 days
Cost £110.00 £50.00