Covid-19 Coronavirus

Covid-19 is a global pandemic illness caused by ‘Coronavirus’ (SARS-CoV2). The main symptoms are fever and a persistent cough. We offer a range of tests and treatments to alleviate the symptoms of the coronavirus.

If you feel you need medical advice or attention, visit the NHS Coronavirus page for guidance.

Choosing the correct test

PCR Test Covid-19 Covid-19 Antibody Test
What does it do? Detect current Covid-19 infection by detecting Covid-19 viral genetic material Detect past infection / exposure by detecting antibodies to Covid-19 made by your body
When should you do the test? While having symptoms Within 3-5 days of possible exposure At least 14-21 days from symptoms / exposure
What does it look for? Current Covid-19 virus infection Previous Covid-19 infection
What illness phase does it detect? The start and during illness After the illness usually following recovery / 2 weeks
What does a positive test mean? You currently have active Covid-19 infection* You have previously had Covid-19 infection.**
How quickly will I get the results? 2-3 days 2-3 days
Cost £110.00 £50.00
NHS Discount Yes, please email us. -

*ATTENTION: positive PCR test means you are an infection risk to others. Please seek advice via NHS 111 or your medical provider. Self-isolate and protect others

**This may mean you have some immunity to Covid-19 but there is not enough evidence yet to be sure