For men who suffer from symptoms of erectile dysfunction, there are several treatment options available that are able to help significantly. For most men, the aim of treatment is simply to enable them to get and keep an erection sufficient to engage in sexual activity. For this, there are several solutions that may be of benefit.

Address the Cause

If it is possible to pinpoint any possible causes for your symptoms of ED, it is best to address these before or whilst commencing medical treatment. In some cases, when the cause if adequately addressed, the symptoms of impotence subside and there is no need for further treatment

Some common causes are:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid or hormone imbalances
  • Nervous system conditions (e.g. Parkinson’s disease)
  • Substance overuse
  • Psychological causes

If you suspect any of these could be having an impact on your symptoms, you should see a doctor about how you could manage these conditions more effectively. However, sometimes even if we suspect a certain cause, little can be done and treatment for ED is needed regardless.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises involve flexing the muscles in the penis that are used to stop the flow of urine. Studies have shown that exercising these muscles can help more than half of men to improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Given that it is completely free and just takes a little time each day, it is highly recommended that men who suffer from impotence try these exercises and to see if they help to improve their symptoms.

As Needed Medication

Medication to be taken on demand when you plan to have sex is the most common type of treatment for ED. There are several different brands available, each containing an active ingredient that works in a very similar way to the other medications.

The name for this group of drugs that are the same type is Phosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. It is useful to group them together as they work in a similar way and we can understand that. They work by increasing the blood flow to the penis, which is needed for an erection to occur. They do this by making the muscles surrounding the blood vessels relax, allowing the vessels to enlarge and more blood to pass through.

Some of these drugs begin to work more quickly than others and some last for a longer period of time in the body, but all need to be taken shortly before having sex for the best results.

  • Viagra contains the active ingredient sildenafil and was the first medication to be released for use in the treatment of ED. It comes in three different strengths of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.
  • Cialis contains the active ingredient tadalafil and is available in two strengths of 10mg and 20 mg.
  • Levitra contains the active ingredient vardenafil and is available in three strengths of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. Levitra is often useful for men who experience side effects with other medications, as it has a milder effect.
  • Spedra contains the active ingredient avanafil and is the newest drug available on the market and comes in 50mg, 100mg and 200mg doses. It has the quickest onset of action to date, with the effects showing just 15 minutes after taking the medication.

These medications work well for ED, as they have a short time of action and do not linger around in the body for longer than needed. This is particularly important if you are one of the men that experience side effects when taking these medications, as the effects are temporary and will not last for an extended period of time.

In addition, if you experience problematic side effects with one drug, trying a different drug can often eliminate them, whilst continuing to maintain the optimal effect.

Daily Medication

There is currently only one brand of medication available to be taken daily and provide an everyday solution or cure to ED. This is a good option for men who prefer to be ready all the time in case the moment strikes unexpectedly, as it is not necessary to time the doses according to when you will likely have sex.

It works in the same way as the medication to be taken on an as-needed basis, but is a lower dose taken every day so that the drug gradually builds up in your system and you are always ready for action.

Cialis Daily contains the active ingredient tadalafil comes in two different strengths: 2.5mg and 5mg. It should be taken every day at the same time to provide an ongoing solution to symptoms of ED.

With the help of these treatment methods most men are able to lead healthy sex lives, free from the inhibition that erectile dysfunction poses. This is a big step forward for all involved and brings with it the promise of a happier and more fulfilled personal life.

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